Friday, September 29, 2006

It begins

I love the Gators. I love College Football. I love College Basketball. I love Albert. I love rambling.

For lack of a better introduction, those short sentences will serve. I scour the internet every day for Gator related writings. And for my needs, there isn't enough. Perhaps there never could be. I know I'm far from the only obsessive Gator fan, so I'm sure there are many potential readers out there looking for more Florida information. However, while I am sure the demand for more material, I am not sure what niche I can possibly fill. We Are the Boys has the news market cornered, and out-funnying Every Day Should be Saturday is obviously impossible. A Gator site that had some focus on analyzing numbers is definitely needed (similar to what Brian at mgoblog does for Michigan), and I may try my hand at that occassionally. However, a law student's hastly thrown together blog is hardly the place to go for detailed numerical analysis and I highly doubt this space will become the Football Outsiders of Florida Sports.

My mission is to be at least somewhat entertaining, to cover the beloved Gators the majority of the time, give a little bit of insight, and to use as many run-on sentences and poor grammar as possible.

To those of you who are actually reading this, stick around, I may post something worthwile.


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