Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gator Law!

I know that this blog has mentioned Gator Growl approximately seventeen thousand times in the past week, and I am sorry for that. So I promise that this is the last time (unless I'm lying).

At Growl, a few commercials were played that parodied Miller's Man Law commercials. Each of these commercials created a Gator Law, which were voted on by members of a council. The council included Albert the Alligator (ALL HAIL), Brandon Siler, Tim Tebow, a representative of the Florida Band, the Orange and Blue Guy, a professor I didn't recognize, local stand-up comic Chris Cope as "Florida Super-Fan," and probably some others I am forgetting. They sat around on a table and drank Gatorade. I was hoping that they would appear on youtube, because they were pretty good. The following are the Gator Laws that were established:

"A Florida fan may cheer for SEC rivals if it their victory will benefit Florida. However, it is never acceptable to cheer for FSU"

"When it comes to body paint, fat is our friend"

"The University of Florida is a learning institution, class or exams are not to be rescheduled based on game times. However, Saturdays are sacred and not to be touched by anything but football."

Note: my memory is not perfect (I did go to a State School), so the laws may have been worded slightly different at Growl.

There was another awesome bit at Growl that really needs to show up online. It was a parody of the "Go Gators" commercial that features the different people saying things like "Go write the Great American Novel" and "Go Cure Cancer," except it was for the Seminole Nation. It included the gem "Go get Herpes Simplex B" and ended with "Florida State University is in Tallahassee - The Seminole Nation is unemployed." That closing line was taken from the real commercial's "The University of Florida is in Gainesville, the Gator Nation is Nationwide" tagline.

That bit was filmed by Jamison Webb, President of Theater Strike Force, and apparently the lines were all improvised. Well done guys.

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Rob G is the man. He does what he wants, whateva!

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