Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Randomness that distracts me from debtor's remedies in bankruptcy

The Alligator this morning reported that Marcus Thomas was back on the practice field yesterday. This could be good news. When Meyer was asked, he basically said a whole heap of a mess of nothing. I have my fingers crossed on this one, and if I were a religious man I'd be throwing my prayers at the higher powers. Thomas is the best player on our team, and it would be nice if he could take a break from the reefer to play some football. As I am also a Dolphins fan, I am growing tired of both marijuana being villified and athletes refusing to refrain until after they retire. I think marijuana should be legal (and is delicious), but smoking it could end my legal career, so I refrain. I don't see why football players can't apply the same logic. Sigh.

Come back to me Scoop!

Yesterday I was not the only person to write an arbritrary comparason regarding College Football, Fire Mark Ray wrote one too, and it's almost as nerdy as mine! Enjoy.


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